// Large-Scale Webcasting Services

Date: 12/03/2015

Contributors: Tim Siglin


Approximately 700 respondents completed this 34-question survey, with approximately 84% of respondents hailing from North America. Over half (56%) of survey respondents identified themselves as working for a company that produces live webcasts.

Respondents who work for companies that produce Large-Scale Webcasts were aware of the need to support smartphones and tablets. However, many of these same respondents noted that live webcasts are often viewed on a bigger screen than a smartphone or tablet: typical webcast viewing still including laptops, desktops, external monitors connected to a laptop, or even a set-top box or streaming dongle on a television.

This use of a bigger screen to view live webcasts was one of several surprise findings, perhaps due to the value placed on live webcast content. Pricing was also an area that attracted significant interest.

These details and more can be found in the free Large-Scale Webcasting Services report, available for download.