// DBTA Best Practices: New World Of Database Technologies

Date: 06/01/2015



When it comes to databases, businesses have more choices than ever today. From the long-standing RDBMS to the growing camps of NoSQL, hybrid, in-memory, and cloud databases, the landscape is becoming increasingly specialized and best-of-breed. This change reflects the growing complexity of data environments and business demands. In fact, the subscribers of Database Trends and Applications were recently asked about the most important reasons for adopting new database platforms. Their response was telling. The top drivers were supporting new analytical use cases, improving database flexibility, and improving database performance. Download this special report to guide you through the current landscape of databases to understand the right solution for your needs.

Table of Contents Include:

  • Rethinking the way you Manage Database Technologies by Joe McKendrick
  • The Real-Time Database for Transactions and Analytics by MemSQL
  • MarkLogic Customers Re-Imagine Their Data to Innovate and Grow Their Businesses by MarkLogic
  • MariaDB Leapfrogs MySQL as Open-Source RDBMS Standard by MariaDB
  • MapR-DB and Hadoop In One by MapR Technologies
  • Deep Engine Pushes MySQL Into The Application Age by Deep Information Sciences