// The Rapidly Accelerating Cloud-Enabled Enterprise: 2015 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability

Date: 08/01/2015



With the rapid adoption of cloud and the emergence of the collaborative development operations (DevOps) approach within enterprises, there’s been a great deal of speculation and discussion on the future of the database administrator role. Some pundits cited the ever-accelerating needs of enterprises to push products and services to market as quickly as possible, and to leverage cloud solutions and automation to manage the data side of things, as evidence of obsolescence of the DBA role.

However this is far from reality. In fact, the DBA is even more vital than ever to enterprises—having evolved significantly from the traditional DBA roles known just a few years ago. Even in this world of cloud, mobile and Internet of Things, organizations continue to rely on data to achieve greater competitive advantage, and better serve customers. Data is flowing into enterprises from an incalculable and ever-shifting range of sources. The expertise of data stewards and professionals at all levels is needed to turn this big data into actionable intelligence for the business. There is none more qualified than the modern DBA to tackle the job of managing big data for the enterprise.

Database manageability for big data is more top of mind in today’s business climate than ever before, as enterprises increasingly deploy cloud-based and mobile solutions to take advantage of new opportunities. These opportunities and challenges created by database manageability for big data are explored in a new survey of 301 data managers and professionals who are members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG). Download your copy today!