// Moving to a Modern Data Architecture

Date: 12/01/2014



Underpinning the movement to compete on analytics, a major shift is taking place on the architectural level, where data is captured, stored, and processed. This transformation is being driven by the need for more agile and flexible data management processes in the face of increasing volumes and varieties of data.

A growing number of organizations are modifying their existing data infrastructures with new technologies such as Hadoop, MPP data warehouses, NoSQL stores, and in-memory databases. Multiple database approaches are required today to address the multiple workloads and applications that Big Data presents. These technologies need to be integrated under a common architecture to avoid data silos.

This white paper discusses the essential components needed to go into building a modern data architecture.

Table of Contents Include:

  • Build To Change, Not To Last, Eight Steps to Building a Modern Data Architecture by Joe Mckendrick
  • Powering the Data-Centered Data Center by Marklogic
  • Information Governance— Making the Most of Modern Data Architectures by Backoffice Associates
  • The Tenants of Modern Data Architecture by Couchbase
  • Moving to a Modern Data Architecture by Snowflake  
  • Data Management in the Big Mobile and Internet Of Things Era by Cloudant, An IBM Company