// Unleashing the Power of Hadoop for Big Data Analytics

Date: 10/01/2014

Contributors: Joe McKendrick


Whether Hadoop becomes the de facto data management platform of the future or simply a key component in a hybrid architecture comprised of numerous technologies, one thing is for sure: Hadoop adoption is growing. In fact, a recent survey conducted using subscribers of Database Trends and Applications found that 30% have deployed Hadoop at their organization while 26% are currently considering or planning for its adoption within the next 12 months. 
The advantages of Hadoop are well-documented. However, challenges remain to unleashing its full potential, from SQL access and support, to security, to real-time analysis capabilities. And, as with any new technology, how Hadoop is integrated and used within your existing data management infrastructure and processes is critical. Thankfully, new startups and veteran IT companies alike continue to develop new products to help businesses overcome these challenges and progress toward the goal of becoming truly data-informed enterprises.

Table of Contents Include:

  • 8 Steps to Unleashing the Power of Hadoop by Joe McKendrick
  • Making Hadoop Better With MarkLogic by MarkLogic
  • Creating Solutions to Meet Our Customers’Data and Analytics Challenges by Cisco
  • Hadoop Data Lakes Incorporating an ODS With Data Integration to Ensure a Successful Initiative by Attunity
  • Hadoop in the Wild by Couchbase