// Data Integration: Faster, Easier, Smarter

Date: 08/11/2014



Data integration is a crucial part of the equation for any business interested in fully harnessing its information resources. However, data integration challenges are multiplying in step with the growing complexity of data environments. Most organizations today are dealing with an ever-expanding array of data sources and users with varying requirements. Therefore, it is no surprise that integration projects are topping the priority list. In fact, a brand new study conducted over the readers of Database Trends and Applications found that 38% of companies polled had integration projects in production while 30% were planning or piloting projects. Download this special report to learn about the key developments in the marketplace and new solutions helping companies overcome challenges.

Table of Contents for the Best Practices Series Include:

  • A New Era of Data Integration Dawns By Joe McKendrick
  • Achieving Maximum Business Intelligence With Cisco Data Virtualization By Cisco
  • Addressing 5 Emerging Challenges of Big Data By Progress
  • Show Me the Money! Sources of Real Value and ROI for Data Virtualization Projects By Denodo
  • When It Comes To Data—Use It, Don’t Lose It! By Attunity
  • Metadata Integration By Embarcadero