// New Database Technologies

Date: 06/15/2014



When it comes to databases, businesses have more choices than ever today. From the longstanding RDBMS, to the growing camps of NoSQL and NewSQL databases, the landscape is becoming increasingly specialized and best-of-breed. This transformation mirrors the plethora of challenges IT departments across industries face today: the need to handle larger data volumes, the need to handle new data types, the need to deliver data faster, the need to support more application users, and the need to operate more cost-effectively, to name a few. Download this special report to read about the current state of the marketplace and learn about the new technologies that are helping businesses address these challenges.

Table of Contents for the Best Practice Series Include:

  • Where New Technologies Fit into the Enterprises by Joe McKendrick
  • Reimagine Your Data by MarkLogic
  • A Webscale Distributed Database for the Cloud by NuoDB
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Database Design by Embarcadero
  • Reaching the Last Mile in Real-Time Analysis and Interactions by Aerospike
  • The Flow of Machine Data by Couchbase
  • The Cloudant Data Layer State Management for Web Apps, Flexible Schema for the Enterprise by Cloudant, an IBM Company
  • Unparalleled Availability via Geo-Distributed Data by TransLattice
  • Horizontally Scaling PostgreSQL as Your Data Platform by CitusData